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Byke&Co, The Beer Bike of Paris

Original Cycling Tour of Paris

Our Packages

- The Byke Tour
- The Beer Bike
- The Byke Brunch

The Beer Bike​

Bike Information

How to Book ?

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Ad Option to your Tour

Add options to your tour:
- Assortment of French charcuterie and cheese
- Champagne, Wine, Processo ...

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Find the map of our tour with the monuments (Eiffel tower, les Invalides, the Militairy School)


Frequently Asked Questions

Byke&Co for all your Events:

Our Packages...

> Bike Tour of 1H30

> 10 Liters of alcohol-free cocktail

> Sweet & salty snacks

> Bike Tour of 1H30

> 10 Liters of beer 
 (from 12 participants, we provide you 5L more)

Sweet & Salty snacks

> Bike Tour of 2H00


> Hot drinks (Coffee and tea)

> Juice & Smoothie

> Sweet & Salty pieces

> Assortment of French Charcuterie and Cheese

Our Options...

The Beer Bike

Group of 8 to 15 people

you are more than 15 contact us

The Tour last between 1H30 and 2H00

With your phone play your own music and become the DJ

27-39 € per person for any group size

Booking only to your group

The staff on board is composed of an experienced driver and a waiter

We offer different offers of non-alcoholic cocktails.

In the evening, customize the colors of the bike lights.

Team Building

Our Goal:

"Create for your team !"

Byke & Co is the activity for a company. It brings together 3 main factors of a team building:

Byke&Co is not an individual activity where to create a spirit of competition, on the contrary.
The main goal is to pedal together for a common purpose and a combined effort. Convivial Friendly atmosphere, will allow to found or to weld strong bonds, and to create a team spirit, which we think, will help them in their daily work.

Byke&Co carries in these values, unity in a group.

All employees are present together on the bike and not scattered on several vehicles.

"Our team will be pleased to fit your needs"

The Tour

The road can be modified in case of any event, traffic or because of you speed!

How to book ?

Choose a moment

The tour last between 1 to 2 hours, including stops. You can choose your time slot from 9am to 7pm from Monday to Sunday.

Choose your menu

Choose your options

To make your tour more fun and memorable, we offer several additional options.
Example: - Cake with candles to blow in front of the Effel tower - Disguise for EVG OR EVJF


To make your ride more fun and feel free to ask a question, our team Byke & amp; Co will pedal as soon as possible to answer you via our contact card

Check our availabilities

Consult the booking schedule. We offer 7 slots per day and all week. For you to find your ride among our 49 laps per week.

Choose the number of participants

Your group must be at least 8 people and maximum 30 people. The bike consists of 10 pedals, 2 seats without pedals, a bench of 2 people and a person standing. If you are not sure of the number of people present, reserve the minimum number of 8 people, then inform us 48 hours before about the number of confirmed persons. All tours are exclusive to your group.

Once you have made your reservation, you must then proceed to payment via our reservation system Sharegroup. We offer 2 payment options:
you pay the tour in its entirety or you pay separately your shares by communicating the e-mail addresses of participants “all participants must pay their shares under 24H separate payment by taking charge of the party of the groom (EVG) or the bride (EVJF ) or someone celebrating his birthday. You are ready to pedal and live this experience then click here.

What to do next!

Introduce yourself at the communicated location with 15 min in advance. Any delay on your part will be impacted on your turn. So do not be late !!!


Frequently Asked Questions :

Yes, but certain conditions must be respected.

Each people who want to drink alcohol must have the age of majority, and must show his identity card if someone of the bike is asking for. Alcohol consumption will only be done on the bike. All drinks and foods not consumed on the bike will not be carried by customers. Some calendar’s dates and streets of Paris have some prefectural decrees against consumption of alcohol, so it will not be possible to drink in these places when we will be there. Anyone who is intoxicated will not be able to access the bike and will not be refund.

Our bike has a roof, so we will continue to make our biking ride. Our team is allowed to cancel the tour in case of bad conditions weather.

The minimum age is 12 years old and must be accompanied by an adult. The number of minors on the bike must be less than the number of adults.


Bike tours lasts between 1h30 and 2h00 including stops.

You have to wear closing shoes. High heels, tongs, or others open shoes are prohibited on our bike because of security reasons. 

Our bike is a no-smoking. Cigarets and electronic’s cigaret are not allowed on the bike. There is stops for our smoker’s bykers.

It s only thanks to you and the pedals !

From 8 to 30 people:

Minimum: 8 people / bike

Maximum: 15 people / Bike

No, only 10 saddles have pedals. Two saddles have no pedals and two seats are on the rear bench.

Yes, there will be a stop to rest your legs, satisfy smokers and take pictures.

Yes, we have two areas to store bags or jackets.

Our bike rides all year, seven days a week! Opening hours from 9:00 to 19:00.

As soon as you know your availabilities.

The schedule use to be fill up quickly during the high season, especially during the weekends, so it s better for you to book 1 month before the date. 

The full payment of you tour will validate your reservation.


With your desire and your motivation, you will get there.

Thank you kindly go to the menu « contact » and fill out the form, our team will pedal as soon as possible to answer you.

Departure Address

28 rue François Bonvin
75015 Paris FRANCE


9h00 – 19h00
Monday – Sunday

Contact Us

Phone : 0767070689